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Little Loli Flower

"Another animal costume! Well, alright. Hee hee."

*giggle* “It’s pretty silly dressing up like this when it’s not Halloween!”

"My.. what? There.. there aren’t pictures of me somewhere on the internet.. are there..?"

"Sometimes! But my hair’s kind of short, so it’s not easy.

This is another picture of me with them! :)”

"I guess we’ll have to settle for blowing kisses!"

artist’s note: A bit of silliness on my part, this is Kaya and Daisy from Lonely Blossom, in the style of Adventure Time.

*yawn* “I like nightgowns! They’re pretty, and they’re easy to move around in.”

"Something a little different, I guess. Sometimes I like to imagine that I’m someone else, living a different life. I wish I was a girl who lived in the forest and climbed trees and was friends with all the animals."

"You mean.. like this?"

"Sometimes I do… don’t tell anyone!"

Hi, I'm Daisy. :) This is a simple little character blog, for me to answer some questions and share some of the things that make me blush. ^^

More about Daisy: Lonely Blossom

Note: This blog is for fantasy purposes only and does not condone illegal material or actions.